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Our rooms

Our rooms are all individually designed based on a special theme. So you will sleep either in the stone bed like the count back in the middle age, in the poet room “Menantes” keep on reading his poetry, dream of the seven seas in our cabin room or finally explore the famous replicate of the dinosaur “couple” in our dino room.
Each room is a special surprise and will sometimes put a smile on your face. 
We keep on redesigning and renovating our rooms continuously and we are sure you will love it anytime. Our most loyal guests even received a special room, so don’t wonder if you get the Mr. Baier or Mr. Meier suite.

Rooms occupancy amount
non-smoking rooms
access for disabled
Our single rooms, cozy and individual. 15.00 1 person 5 5 --
Our double rooms, cozy and individual. 18.00 1 to 2 persons 14 -- --

Do you have questions or would like to book by phone?
Give us a call: 0 36202823 - 75
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